Miller 44-1402 Who's Hobby House Billboard Double sided sign, Small, HO/N


This great sign is available as a rooftop sign as
well as a vertical, double sided sign.Size 2.2 tall x 1.75 wide,
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Who's Hobby House, located in downtown

Rapid City, is well known for its iconic neon

sign! The sign was created in 1951, and is now

on the National Registry of Historic Signs.

Who's Hobby House was founded in 1950 by

William H. Osterburg. His initials explain the

origin of the hobby shop's name. In 1957, Mr.

Clancy Kingsbury's grandparents acquired the

shop, beginning the Kingsbury legacy. In 1978,

Clancy's dad bought it. In 1991, Clancy gained

control. Clancy Kingsbury is now the third

generation owner of this family owned and

operated business. For more info check out:

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