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#12030 - Company Decal Accessory Pack - B&P
Motor Express

Decals For Truck
Tractors & Trailers, 1/87 (HO) scale - Includes decals for
Motor Express
door logos with fuel and use permit information and truck unit numbers

B&P Motor Express was a general commodities LTL carrier operating throughout the
northeastern United States based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a special
commodities division hauling primarily steel from the mills in Pennsylvania and
the Northeast and flatbed loads from the East Coast ports.
on our research B&P generally operated east of the Mississippi River throughout
the industrial "Rust Belt." Due to the geographical area they operated most
owner-operators had fairly new, reliable COE trucks that were very well
maintained and sported some of the classiest paint schemes on steel haulers in
the area. Suitable readily available models would include Athearn Freightliner
models, especially in the fancy owner operator paint schemes. Older Herpa North
American COE prototype models would also be appropriate. Any resin or specialty
equipped model truck
tractors from the late '60s through late '70s would be good candidates as well.
It appears that B&P owner-operators generally owned their own trailers and were
often painted in matching or complimentary colors to the truck tractor. B&P's
truck unit numbering scheme had coordinated tractor and trailer numbers with the
trailer numbered 1,000 higher than the tractor [example - truck #74-6196 would
be paired to the owner's trailer #74-7196].

Decal Placement

Main door panel decal - centered on both cab doors

Unit number decal - front of cab near left corner on cabovers; no specific known
location for conventional cabs but we recommend either side of hood near
grille/radiator shell

Important Note:
All Lonestar Models products are 1/87 (HO) scale. They are not intended for
the use of children under 14 years of age and should only be assembled by
children with adult supervision.

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