Kato USA 106-8013 Amfleet I Coach & Cafe Phase I 2-Car Set B, N Scale

KatoSKU: 381-1068013


Amfleet I Coach Amtrak Phase I #21232
Amfleet I Cafe Amtrak Phase I #20041

Modern passenger railroading reaches a whole new level

Amfleet I:During its
beginnings, Amtrak inherited its passenger cars from other railroads. Old, steam
heated and in dire need of upgrades, Amtrak set out to replace these cars in
1973 with the purchase of the first Amfleet cars from Budd. This initial batch
of 492 cars were the Amfleet I - with a door and vestibule on either end (unlike
their single-doored successor), these cars fell into a few different varieties
but essentially broke down into coach and dinette variants. Despite the
introduction of their newer cousins, Amfleet I's are still in use by Amtrak,
primarily for shorter distance routes.

Amfleet II:Introduced in
1981, the Amfleet II (sometimes affectionately called Amtube by enthusiasts
due to its distinct, rounded form) was introduced right in the middle of the EMD
F40PHs life cycle in Amtrak service. Boasting larger windows and more
comfortable seating conditions, the Amfleet II was designed for longer distance
travel than its predecessor, the Amfleet I, while still retaining the
versatility that its single-level height could provide over its taller,
double-decker Superliner brethren.

Viewliner I Sleeper:The
Viewliner sleeper came into service around the same time as the Amfleet II,
providing sleeping accommodations for Amtraks trains on such routes as the Lake
Shore, Cardinal, Silver Star, and others. Together, the Amfleet II and Viewliner
car series provide necessary overnight train service from Chicago, to New York,
and even down to Florida and New Orleans.

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