Kato USA 1068003 Amfleet I Phase VI 2-Car Set B, N Scale

KatoSKU: KAT01068003


Amfleet I Coach Amtrak Phase VI #82647
Amfleet I Cafe Amtrak Phase VI #48159
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Modern passenger railroading reaches a whole new level

Amfleet II: Introduced in 1981, the Amfleet II (sometimes affectionately
called Amtube by enthusiasts due to its distinct, rounded form) was
introduced right in the middle of the EMD F40PHs life cycle in Amtrak
service. Boasting larger windows and more comfortable seating conditions,
the Amfleet II was designed for longer distance travel than its predecessor,
the Amfleet I, while still retaining the versatility that its single-level
height could provide over its taller, double-decker Superliner brethren.

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