Kato USA 1060041 Silver Streak Zephyr Starter Set, CB&Q, N Scale

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Every hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato
UNITRACK Starter Set! Each starter set comes with a complete oval of track, a
Kato Power Pack, a locomotive, a re-railer, a pack of 6 mixed freight cars, and
an instruction book on how to assemble and care for your new Starter Set. From
then on, the sky's the limit thanks to UNITRACK's modular snap-track design.
Build a complex basement layout, or keep it simple so that you can take it out
in evenings; anything is possible with UNITRACK!

To call the Silver Streak Zephyr famous before its time would be to do the
all-corrugated, slick stainless steel train a disservice. Named after a movie of
the same name which featured the CB&Qs distinctive corrugated equipment, the
Silver Streak Zephyr and its specially built EMD E5A unit Silver Bullet was
a short distance luxury train that operated between Lincoln, Nebraska and Kansas
City with stops in Omaha and St. Joseph.

This special starter set includes the complete locomotive and 5-car consist
of the original "Silver Streak Zephyr" train, as well as an oval of track, power
pack, and starter guide.

    Set contains:

  • EMD E5A locomotive #9909 "Silver Bullet"
  • Budd Baggage/RPO #1600 Silver Sheen
  • Budd Baggage Car #900 Silver Light
  • Budd Coach #4703 Silver Gleam
  • Budd Coach #4704 Silver Glow
  • Budd Observation #300 Silver Spirit
  • Specially designed bookcase packaging that holds all 6 locomotives and
    cars with additional room for an extra 2 E5 locomotives.
  • Complete oval of track (12 3/8" radius)
  • Grade crossing/rerailing track
  • Storage Drawer for locomotives/accessories
  • Kato Power Pack

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