Kato 106-082 Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha 9-Car Set, N Scale

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"9-Car Set"
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Prototype Information:

From 1947-1961, the Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha ran passenger excursions
between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest, operated by the Chicago, Milwaukee,
and St. Paul and Pacific Railroad.

The Olympian Hiawatha took scheduled excursions through scenic Idaho,
Montanas Bitterroot Mountains, and Washingtons Cascade range. On June 29,
1947, the Milwaukee Road inaugurated its streamlined flagship on a 43-hour,
30-minute schedule. This was advertised as being a speedliner. The railroad
contracted industrial designer Brooks Stevens to design the train consist,
which included some unique and signature cars of the Milwaukee Road.

In 1952, the first full-length Super Dome cars were added, which included 68
dome seats and 28 lounge seats. The dome area featured seats positioned
lengthwise, facing the 625 square foot double-pane windows. Ideal for
insulation, and sightseeing.

Passenger Car Features:

  • Totally new FP7 mechanism and new F7B shell to reflect the prototypical
    appearance of the Milwaukee equipment

  • All new uniquely tooled cars for the Hiawatha train.

  • Each car is equipped with low flange wheels and KATO magnetic knuckle

  • the Post 1952 Super Dome and Distinctive Tail car will be exquisitely
    modeled with full maroon interiors and flush windows.

  • Interior of cars can be lighted with optional installation of #11-211/212
    Interior Light Kit version 2 with White LED.

Description Road #

106-082 Milwaukee Road "Olympian Hiawatha" 9 Car Set Baggage:

  • Dormitory 1313
  • 48 Seat Coach #524
  • 48 Seat Coach #531
  • Super Dome Lounge #53
  • Diner #115
  • 14 Section Touralux Sleeper "Mount St. Helens" #5746
  • 10-6 Sleeper "Lake Pewaukee" #8
  • 10-6 Sleeper "Lake Oconomowoc" #5
  • 8-DB Lounge-Observation "Coffee Creek" #15

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