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For toy train operators looking to add scenery and dimension to their
layouts, this book offers simple solutions. It explains how to use foam as a
scenery base and how to shape it into mountains and rivers. Step-by-step
photographs and instructions illustrate techniques for adding streets,
accessories, and even a working drive-in theater.

Author: Peter Riddle

Soft cover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 80 pages; 160 color photos; ISBN: 9780890247655

Peter Riddle operates an extensive O gauge layout and maintains an eclectic
collection of toy trains. He has authored 8 novels, a textbook about American
Musical Theatre, and 13 books about model railroading. His areas of interest
include scenery, track planning, wiring, and the history of toy trains.


1) Foam tabletops and tracklaying

2) Foam scenery basics

3) Scenery for vertical surfaces

4) Sidewalks, houses, and hatches

5) Ponds, water, and below-grade scenery

6) Adding city scenery

7) Using animation

8) Creating a layout centerpiece

Peter H. Riddle's Scenery Techniques for Toy Trains tells how to use scenery
to add to a toy train layout, and shows how to use insulation foam to add
mountains, ponds, and other attractions. Techniques for constructing different
kinds of railroad scenery use step-by-step photos to cover the construction
basics, making this a clear and winning guide for any toy train buff.

-The Bookwatch

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