Kadee #567 HGC National type B-1 50-Ton Self Centering Trucks - ribbed, HO

KadeeSKU: KDE00000567


National type B-1 50-Ton Trucks
ribbed back wheels
"HGC" Two Piece Fully Equalized Trucks

Truck Features

Self Centering Action - Trucks self align themselves parallel with the car for
easier placement on track.

Code 110 (.110) 33" ribbed back wheels

"HGC" Weighs nearly the same as Metal Trucks

Superior Rolling Ability.

Brake Pads

Accurate markings

Incredible detail True to prototype

Non-magnetic Metal Wheels

Highly Flexible Fully Equalized Trucks

Smooth tracking Free rolling Contoured Insulated Axles

RP-25 Free rolling wheels

Patent number 7,434,518 B2

Mounts with a #2 or 2-56 screw.

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