Hasegawa Models 536 AH-64D Apache Longbow 1:72 SCALE MODEL KIT

Hasegawa ModelsSKU: HSG00000536


The AH-64D Apache Longbow is an advanced and radar-equipped version of the all-weather attack helicopter AH-64A Apache, which was developed and adopted
in accordance with the U.S. Army's Advanced Attack Helicopter (AAH) program . The model without radar equipment was called AH-64C, but at the end of 1993, the AH-64C designation was abolished, and it became known as AH-64D Apache Longbow regardless of whether it was equipped with radar or not .


The most distinctive feature of the onboard sensors is the
fire control radar (FCR), also known as the longbow radar, mounted on the top of the main rotor mast, which
detects and identifies targets, automatically selects attack targets, and
is integrated.
It is a new generation attack helicopter that has excellent control capabilities during combat due to its system management .


Crew: 2
people Main rotor: 14.63m
Fuselage length: 15.47m
Maximum height (to top of FCR): 4.95m
Maximum takeoff weight: 8,006kg
Engine: General Electric T700-GE-701C
Maximum continuous output: 1,940shp x 2
Maximum speed: 365km/h

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