Dremel Tools 90828 BRUSHES FOR 232,332

DremelSKU: DRE00090828


One pair of motor brushes for use with Dremel rotary tool model(s): 232*, 332*.
    • Restore life
      to your corded Dremel rotary tool

    • For use with
      Dremel rotary tool model(s): 232*, 332*

    • The right
      brush means proper performance

    • Service part

User Tips

  • *This Carbon
    Motor Brush is available as a service part only. Call 1-800-4-DREMEL
    (1-800-437-3635) to order.

  • You should
    check both motor brushes after every 50-60 hours of use. Simply unplug the
    tool, open the brush caps and remove the carbon piece from the holder. If
    there is less than 1/8" of carbon left on either brush, they both should be

  • We offer a
    variety of motor brushes, but you should only use the motor brush that is
    compatible with your tool. Two motor brushes are included in each pack.

  • Motor brushes
    consist of a coiled spring of metal with a piece of carbon at the end. They
    go under the brush cap and rest on the armature, providing the electrical
    connection to keep the tool running.

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