Dapol B808 MOW Track Cleaning Car (yellow), HO

DapolSKU: DAPB808


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Dapol track cleaning fluid has been especially formulated to clean track quickly,
safely and efficiently. It is a non-aqueous mixture of high purity hydrocarbons
and can be used manually or the Tomix or Dapol Track Cleaning cars. It will not
damage plastics, and will help clean and maintain track in peak condition. Dapol
do not recommend IPA, alcohol or other solvents as these are hazardous in
operation and contain traces of water which may impair performance with long
term use.

This model needs to be hauled by a locomotive, as 'motorized' merely reflects
the motor driving the cleaning heads and not the movement of the model.

Replacement heads, pads and consumables are also available from our website If
you need them.

Please only use a 'plastic compatible' cleaner for filling the fluid reservoir
in the track cleaner. Dapol can not be held responsible for damage caused by
other cleaning fluid and only recommend Dapol track cleaning fluid (Dapol Track
Cleaning Fluid is not included with the model).

The model is DCC ready

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