Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machines 5842 AW-2 ARC WELDER CIRCUIT W/GOW

CircuitronSKU: CIR5842


The CIRCUITRON AW-1 and AW-2 Arc Welder Circuits use a blue and yellow lamp

along with a sophisticated random flicker circuit to produce a very convincing
simulation of an arc welder in

operation. In both circuits, the yellow lamp provides a continuous flicker
effect and the blue lamp pulses random

bright blue flashes. The AW-1 utilizes high output 1.4 mm micro-lamps and is
designed for direct viewing in a

situation where the modeling scene will depict an actual welder at work. The
AW-2 uses larger 3 mm lamps and the

brighter output is ideal for backlighting a structure window to simulate welding
inside a building. The yellow lamp

may be used alone on either the AW-1 or AW-2 to provide a simple flickering
flame effect. These circuits require a

10 - 18 volt AC or DC input for proper operation

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