Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machines 5602 TD-1 TIME DELAY CIRCUIT

CircuitronSKU: CIR5602


The CIRCUITRON TD-1 is designed to connect to the output of any

CIRCUITRON Detection Circuit (the DT-4 is the usual choice) and will provide a
variable delay

period which can be used to control accessories, to provide automatic train
stops, etc. The output

of the TD-1 is a single pole, double throw relay with 5 amp contacts. These
contacts are

adequate for controlling locomotives in any scale, and they can be used to
either make a circuit

connection for the time duration, or to break a circuit connection for the
time duration. The TD-

1 requires an 11-14 volt DC power source for proper operation. Although the
power source does

not need to be regulated, a filtered power source is preferred, and under no
conditions should the

input voltage exceed 15 volts. Since the accessory terminals of most power packs
will have

outputs in the 14-18 volt range, they are not a good choice for powering the
TD-1. The Trigger

Terminals [T1 & T2] on the TD-1 require a momentary or continuous connection to
ground [-] to

initiate the timing sequence. This connection can be supplied by CIRCUITRON
Detection Unit

outputs, reed switches, track contacts, pushbuttons, etc. Once the timing
sequence has been

started, further inputs to the Trigger Terminals will be ignored. Each of the
two Trigger Terminals

provided [T1 & T2] can be used interchangeably. The reason we have chosen to
provide two

separate terminals is so that closely spaced stopping points can be achieved.
The ground signal [-]

to a Trigger Terminal must turn off for a 4-5 second period before that Trigger
Terminal will again

respond to the ground signal. This is necessary to prevent unwanted triggering
between cars if

the Opto-Sensor becomes partially unshaded. When the TD-1 is used with a
detection circuit such

as a CIRCUITRON DT-4, the entire train must be clear of the Opto-Sensor for 4-5
seconds before

retriggering can occur. By utilizing both Trigger Terminals, the TD-1 can be
made to delay twice in

quick succession, even before the train clears the first stopping point Opto-Sensor.
If this is

confusing to you, just remember to alternate your detector connections to both
[T1] and [T2] if

you desire closely spaced stopping points.

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