Circuitron Tortoise Switch Machines 5521 BD-1HD HEAVY DUTY BLOCK DETECTORS

CircuitronSKU: CIR5521


Tiny Opto-Sensors detect train movement. Sensors mount between the rails and
activate circuitry when shaded from a passing train. Independent of track power,
rolling stock requires no modifications. Sensors fit between ties and may be
ballasted over in most cases. Circuitry is extremely sensitive and will operate
properly under very low levels of room light.

Positive indication whenever a section of a layout is occupied by rolling stock.
Contains all circuitry to power two-color block signals at each end of the
protected block. Will give proper indications if a train leaves a block by
backing out. No modifications to rolling stock needed. Completely
bi-directional. No additional driver boards or relays are needed. 250 ma. output
can power lamp or LED-type signals. Requires 6-20V DC input. Independent of
track power. Compatible with radio or command control systems.

Same as #800-5501, but with 500 mA. output.

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