Charles Smiley Videos D-137 Northeast Rails Remembered II 1-hour 33-minutes

Charles SmileySKU: FDT-D-137


Revisit the early 1990s on the last years of
the D&H and the ushering in of CP Rail to new territory in the US. This was a
very colorful era in the Northeast and dramatic changes were still in effect
from ripples of the bankruptcy of the old Penn Central days. We cover the
history of the D&H and its sad demise. Don't miss the parade of older and
borrowed power that came from all over North America.

This was also a time when CP Rail was consolidating its extensive US-based
rail lines. We bring you power from the D&H, Soo Lines and from lines such as
CSX, NS, Conrail, leasing companies and others.

This material was shot over an extensive period of time, in different seasons
and numerous locals. This new video is the perfect companion to the first
Northeast Rails DVD that covered the success of the Conrail in the late 1980s.

Revel in wonderful scenery, colorful power, "Fallen-Flags" and graffiti-free
trains in a by-gone era that will never come back again.

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