Charles Smiley Videos D-131 Key System Scrapbook Part-1 1 Hour, 02 Minutes

Charles SmileySKU: FDT-D-131


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The Key System from the early years of 500s and 600s plus the ferryboat pier.
See the Keys new bridge units in their original, striking, orange and silver
splendor. Also we bring supporting scenes of the IER Red Trains, Muni Railway,
steam trains and the Keys small streetcars. Ride and watch beautiful ferryboats
shot on some of the first, early 16mm color film.

Watch the construction and operation of the WWII Richmond Shipyard Railway by
Keys staff. This line was built from Emeryville north to Richmonds Kaiser
Shipyards to transport thousands of workers that built 747 Victory and Liberty
ships for the war. Retired IRT elevated cars were rebuilt to make long, and
elderly, electric trains. This is a fascinating look at Bay Area history. Dont
miss the Keys X-trains and ferryboats to the 1939 Golden Gate Expo. This video
has many animated graphical maps made just for video clarity and better
understanding of the Keys lines, streetcar lines and the competing SP-IER
electric lines in the ferry, and the later bridge era. Great synchronized sound
and period music too!

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