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Bullfrog SnotSKU: BFS00000001


What is it? It is a sophisticated, specially secret formulated, room temperature
curing, one-part green liquid plastic with very unique properties. What makes
it so great? It is easily applied, and easily removed. Just a toothpick is all
you'll need to install, an Xacto knife to remove. It's ready to go - no
multi-part mixing. No disassembly, no special tools, no surgical skills It cures
at room temp in moments. No baking. It's benign and friendly. Its easy to see
your work, and it cures to virtually invisible. It is thin only .0055" or less
when cured. It's tough and durable. Has a good service life. Leaves no residue
on the track, and no gunk in your engine. Universal - works for any loco from
any manufacturer in any scale. How is it installed? Using a toothpick, apply one
or two drops to a rotating driver (power the belly-up loco). BULLFROG SNOT forms
a thin, very grippy plastic traction tire, virtually invisible after it cures.
Apply just enough to evenly cover the surface with a thin coat. Too much makes a
mess. Allow the wheels to continue to turn as you watch BULLFROG SNOT cure, let
the laws of physics create a nice round tire, until the color is gone maybe 10
minutes or so. Then let it fully cure overnight, or at least several hours.
Don't rush it, let BULLFROG SNOT do it's thing. Patience has it's reward.

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