BLMA 900 Figures - People Mooning (4). N-Scale

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Some things in life are unavoidable. Sometimes we see things we don't necessarily need to. Train crew's see interesting characters on a daily basis - why shouldn't your model railroad?
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Figures - People Mooning (4)

The exposing of ones rear end, also
known as 'Mooning', has long been associated with the passing by
of complete strangers, friends, etc.

- Annual Moon Amtrak Day

Yes really! Do you think we could make this up?

Once a year in Southern California, thousands of folks
participate in a full day or mooning every Amtrak Pacific
Surfliner, Metrolink, and BNSF freight that moves along the
line. Oddly enough, this event attracts news media from all
over the country on an annual basis.

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DISCLAIMER: These are intended for nothing more than a
good laugh. BLMA Models does not endorse public nudity,
flashing, or any other act of exposing ones private parts.

Now Available! Moon away!

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