Bar Mills 994 Shack Pack, O-Scale

Bar MillsSKU: BAR00000994


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When someone new in the hobby asks us which kit wed suggest for a newbie we
tell them one of two things. If youre in HO look into the BASICS line of
structures. But our second choice is ALWAYS the same... go for the Shack Pack.

Its true that the Shack Pack is available in N-HO-O scales (all at your local
retailer or direct), but what makes us tout the kit is the fact that each of
the three structures included in it take a different building approach. One
shack is tar-paper, another clapboard, another scribed siding. For the money
spent youd be hard pressed to find a better deal (or more useful structures
!). So for all of you, beginners (and not-so-beginners) we can only suggest to
you that this kit will fit anywhere, serve most any purpose, and give you some
practice with different techniques & ideas. As simple as it is, it continues to
be one of our favorites !

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