Bar Mills 912 Whistle Stop Junction Kit, N Scale

Bar MillsSKU: BAR00000912


Whistlestop Junction was the first structure we ever produced to be made available through 
hobby shops.  Available in both "N" & "HO" scales we wanted to make sure we were going to
take a different approach to our models, not simply do some re-hash of an American Model 
Builders kit (the best known leaser kits available in stores at the time). Now, don't get us 
wrong, we like AMB kits, but we figured "they" would be "them", and "we" would be "us", and 
what good would honestly come of just another "copycat" company ? Even this early on we 
wanted to do something special... and we did ! From the laser-cut roofing (I did the photo
in the model in one day. you can tell by the sloppy roofing job), to the etched nail holes
Bar Mills kits would have to be both different, and affordable. This station is generic, and 
that is what we were looking to do.  As free-lance modelers ourselves I didn't see Bar Mills 
as doing much with "prototype" oriented stuff... even to this day our structures tend to be
more "Imagineered" than "engineered". The building was a copy of one that the late 
Rob Corriston did, it's fancy, but not really, and unassuming, but not really... anyway
you get the idea.


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