Bar Mills 432 Office at Cranberry Yard Building Kit, HO

Bar MillsSKU: BAR00000432


This is one "small" kit that has a huge potential for craftsman-like workmanship. Even just "out-of-the-box" (as pictured) there are enough interesting details to introduce the look & feel of a much mor expensive kit... and if you add even more of your o
We actually put aside the article many years ago
because we wanted to build this one for ourselves.
After the Bar Mills thing happened we thought others
of you might like it as well.
There are two (2) versions of this structure,
the O & S scale versions were modified
a little because of size restraints.
This is a small but HIGHLY detailed structure..
not for the novice !
Available in N-HO through your local retailer.
S & O guys can use our online ordering system
or contact one of our very few high-end re-sellers.
See more photos for dimensions.

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