Badger Air Brush SS2 Translucent Surface Smoother - Striation Filler - 3D Prime -- 2oz 59ml

Badger Air BrushSKU: 165-SS2


Product Information

Badger 3D Prime Surface Smoother and Primers are specifically developed for 3D printed models. 3D Prime is a two step priming product that allows the 3D print artists to effectively fill striations and easily apply a durable hard primed finish on the most detailed of 3D printed kits/figures. Designed for use on the most common 3D print materials (ABS, PET, PLA), 3D Prime features a unique base application product called Surface Smoother and three color primer coatings (white, gray or black). Check out the entire line of Badger 3D Prime primer system products.

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