Central Valley Models 1902 PRATT TRUSS BRIDGE KIT, HO Scale


A spectacular model with detail that here-to-fore was attainable by only a
handful of master craftsmen for use as contest models or museum displays! Even
then, we think our bridge probably surpasses those efforts in the rivet detail
and uniformity made available by the injection molding process.

Any modeler can now construct a steel bridge model in a few hours that surpasses
any model of similar structures in the past!

The model as built from the plans spans 21 inches. It is approximately 4 3/8
inches high and 2 7/8 inches wide. From rail-head to bottom of shoe is
approximately 15/16 inches. The parts are injection molded of an impact grade of
styrene plastic that is the same as used in the popular automobile and military
hobby kits. Cementing and painting requires the same materials and techniques in
common use in the construction of those kits and the most popular model railroad

The bridge kit components are ideal for kit bashing and the scratch building of
other bridges and steel structures.

The prototype bridge that the kit was copied from is a Southern Pacific bridge
at Piru, CA. (2 spans). It was manufactured by the N. Y. Bridge Company and was
erected in 1902. It is a very common and typical design that is used throughout
North America and even other parts of the world. Many are still in use and many
subtle variations are possible. Modifications in bracing, rail, guard-rails,
walkways and railings, telegraph arms attached, and different portals are
common. They are most often painted black, but there are examples of silver,
gray, red oxide and green that I have seen.

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