PREORDER BLI 9118 N&W Coach-Baggage Combine, #1506, Tuscan w/ Gold, HO

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Combines, as the name suggests, housed two car types under one roof, offering efficiency by reducing one car from the train. A common type was the coach-baggage, accommodating passengers and luggage. Often used on small trains and light branch lines in the later decline of passenger rail travel.

Positioned at the train's front, the car earned the term "head-end equipment," alongside locomotives and non-passenger units like the RPO (Railway Post Office) for mail transport. Combine cars, serving as coach-RPOs, placed the mail section ahead of passengers.

In our first production run, we are offering 8 different combines from 6 different railroads. We are also making 1 holiday scheme, and 1 unlettered car painted in Pullman Green.


• Beautifully Detailed and Accurately Modeled
• Precision Paint, Color, and Lettering Schemes
• Many Separately Applied Details including Hand Rails and Antennae (where applicable)
• Detailed Interiors
• Proper underbody detail per the prototype
• Properly Colored Interiors
• Lighted Interiors
• Operating Sprung Diaphragms
• Composition: ABS with ABS Chassis
• Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee
• Compatible Tracks: Code 83 and 100 Rail
• Minimum Operating Radius: 18 in

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