Wheels of Time Pass. Cars 401 SP, 60-ft Harriman Baggage-Express car, Class 60-B-1:6, Two-Tone Gray, original doors, Globe vents #6340, N Scale

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These cars were seen on railroads across North America. Harriman cars were
developed during the time of Edward Henry Harriman, who controlled the Chicago &
Alton Railroad, the Union Pacific, the Southern Pacific, the Illinois Central,
the Central of Georgia, the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, Wells Fargo Express
Company, and directed the development of the "Common Standard Specifications"
among the Associated Lines. This set of specifications allowed parts to be
shared across all Harriman-controlled railroads, allowing economical bid prices
due to the sheer size of standardized orders, standardized part inventories and
methods for car repair.

These cars were designed with the a distinctive arched roof and diamond
underframe crossbearers. The Arched Roof construction handled rainy weather
better than clerestoy design - once lighting and ventilation problems were
solved. Non-Harriman Arched Roof cars, while similar, had fished-belly
underframes developed by Pullman Mfg. Co. and copied by others. Some of these
60-ft cars remained in use until the advent of Amtrak while others became
maintenance-of-way cars.

The Southern Pacific Railroad ordered 60-ft Common Standard steel baggage
cars from Pullman in 1909 through 1914. Car no. 6340 is a 1909 Pullman product,
Class 60-B-2. Car no. 6201 is 1911 Pullman originally assigned to Central
Pacific, Class 60-B-4. The star denotes improved facilities for the baggage -
express crew. Car no. 6349 is Class 60-B-3, 1910 Pullman which was originally
assigned to SPLA&SL.

Below SP Harriman baggage-express cars had replacement ply-metal doors. SP
Harriman Baggage-Express car no. 6206 is a 1912 Pullman with improved facilities
for the headend crew, Class 60-B-5. Car No. 6429 is also Class 60-B-5, 1912
Pullman product. At one time it was assigned to Pacific Motor Trucking (PMT)
freight services. The SP two-tone paint scheme for thses baggage cars lasted
until retirement.

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