Walthers 920-40702 EMD F7 A/B Set with Tsunami Sound & DCC, Great Northern #368C, 372B (Original Scheme, Omaha Orange, green, yellow), HO

WalthersSKU: 920-40702


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Power your WalthersProto Empire Builder with these EMD F7s featuring:

* Paint & Lettering to Match Walthers Empire Builder Cars

* Authentic Bulldog Nose

* 14:1 Gears for Smooth, Quiet Operation

Original Empire Builder Scheme units feature:

* GN-specific Snowplow Pilot

* Leslie Three-Chime Air Horn Mounted Above Cab

* Square Cornered Winterization Hatch

* Roof-Mounted Cooling Coil

* Steam Generator Details

* Carbody Filter Vent

* Nail-type Radio Antenna

* GN-specific Cut Skirts

* Stainless Steel Horizontal Grilles

With Tsunami(R) Sound for DCC & DC Layouts

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