Vallejo Acrylic Paints 26210 White Stucco (Gesso), Textures of Sand, Earth & Stone

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Textures of Sand, Earth & Stone

A range of acrylic, waterbased textures. They can be mixed with one another,
with acrylic colors (Modelcolor, Game Color and Model Air) and other diorama
materials. All products are non toxic and dry to a resistant and permanent
finish. Drying time depends on the thickness of the applied product and the
humidity of the atmosphere, and can vary from 45 minutes to hours or even

This product, also known as Gesso, is a fluid white base of finaly ground white
pigment and acrylic resin which can be applied with brush, roller or spatula as
a base, or lightly textured before drying to create patterns, and before drying
can be textured to give create desired stucco patterns.

200 ml. and 500 ml. pots (6,75 Fl. Oz. / 16.90 Fl. Oz.).

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