UGears 70011 Safe - Mechanical Construction Kit


Safety Comes First!

If your favorite pastime is tinkering with
construction kits and coming up with a neat creation, rest assured the Safe will
more than satisfy your artistic urge. This is a 3D puzzle safe that has a real
combination lock on the front it is an authentic replica of its real world
counterpart. Wouldnt these projects be a great way to occupy time on a rainy
day or no TV night? On the other hand, if you wish to take up safe-cracking as a
full-time professional, you can practice using this model.

  • 100% hassle-free model you dont have
    to bother about putting in fresh batteries, gluing the parts together, or
    using any special tools.
  • Made using premium grade plywood, this
    is an extraordinary model of a safe that can be used to store your money,
    documents, etc. properly.
  • Still not convinced? Once you assemble
    the pieces, it becomes a real safe that opens with a traditional
    figure coded lock. The unique combination is included in the kit. While
    closing the safe, you just have to shut the door and turn the handle in an
    anticlockwise direction.
  • This construction kit
    is a fantastic gift for occasions like birthdays or holidays. You can turn
    into a friendly competition by letting others have a go at safe cracking, and
    awarding a prize to the one who is able to figure out the mechanism.

Be patient while assembling the safe we
assure you the end result is worth the effort and you can flaunt your skill as
well. No longer do you need to worry about misplacing smaller items and trinkets
you can keep them locked away and safe. It will spare you the trouble of
hunting in several places, because now you know exactly where your valuables
are. Please hurry and order now!

Models assembly tips

  • If you hold the
    board with its front side directed to you, it is better to remove the
    parts by pulling them. In this case, if a burr is pulled together with a
    part, it will make a pit in the board, not in the part. The best
    solution is to incise the hangers with a knife;
  • If you have
    difficulties in inserting a toothpick in the assembled gearwheel, rub
    the toothpick with a candle;
  • You may also
    lubricate all the projecting axes of the gearwheels before installing
    them on the frame. In this case the friction during rotation will be
  • However, do not
    lubricate the parts of pendulum connection with a candle two
    projecting sticks in the tractor or timer. In this case the pendulum
    will not swing but skid;
  • Try to remove
    big burrs on the gearwheels, if any. The motion of some models is very
    delicate, and they may hinder it;
  • If any
    gearwheel creaks or squeaks, lubricate it with a regular candle,
    paraffin or wax. If the plywood edge is too resinous and some teeth tend
    to seize, which happens quite rarely, lubricate the gearwheel in the
    same manner;

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