Tamiya 25170 A6M2B ZERO FIGHTER (ZEKE) W/8 Marking Options, 1:72 Scale

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This is a limited-edition model kit is of the the popular 1/72 scale A6M2b Zero fighter (nicknamed 'Zeke'). It has 3 original marking schemes combined with an additional 5 marking options, for a total of 8. These additional marking options were originally marketed in Japan only, in combination with a Japanese publication, but are now available, as an individual kit, for a limited time.
The A6M2b was the first major mass-produced version of the legendary Zero, and it was equipped with 50cm folding wingtips, landing hook, and radio direction finder for carrier-based operations. Since this kit comes in 1/72 scale it is easier to display if you have limited display space in your study.

• 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit.
• Model fuselage length: 126mm, wingspan: 167mm. The model depicts details which are unique to the A6M2b form, such as the cockpit interior and gear case at the front of the engine.
• A fully-opening canopy is featured.
• 60780 original marking options depict aircraft that took part in the Pearl Harbor Attack.
• 5 additional marking options depict a range of aircraft from WWII.

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