Ring Engineering Power Pick Up Truck 36" wheels, Model # PPT-36T, HO

Ring EngineeringSKU: PPT-36T


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Power Pick-Up Truck!

Use to get power from the track for caboose lights,

sound decoders, cameras and more!

Design providesdependablefour-wheel

on slightly uneven and moderately dirty track!

  • HO Scale

  • RailPro, DCC and, Analog

  • 750mA Maximum Current

  • 4 Spring Loaded Bushings

  • 4 Wheel Independent Suspension

  • Built in Short Circuit
    Protection with Auto Reset

  • Machined and Blackened Wheels

  • Prototypically AccurateExponential
    in Wheel Face

  • Fits Many Freight Cars and

  • Low Rolling Friction for an
    Electrical Pick-Up Design

  • Made in USA

Technical Support Note

Ring Engineering will provide technical support only on the Power Pick-Up
truck. Ring Engineering cannot provide technical support on electrical circuit
design for the product that you are attaching to our Power Pick-Up Truck.
Technical support on electrical circuit design is not included in the price of
this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does thePower
Pick-Up Truck
work well even though the it only uses four wheels for electrical pickup?

YES. The
Power Pick-Up Truck has special mechanical and electrical design which allows
for dependable connection even on moderately dirty and slightly uneven track.

I see you offer the Power Pick-Up Truckwith
two different wheel sizes. How can I tell which wheel size to buy?

The very best way is to use a dial caliper and measure the largest diameter of
the wheel tread. If the measurement is closest to 0.414 inches then the wheel
is a scale 36" wheel.

If the diameter is closer to 0.379 inches then
the wheel is a scale 33" wheel.

You could also ask your local
hobby shop personnel which size wheels are on the freight cars that you would
like to install the Power Pick-Up Truck.

There is actually very little difference in the 33" and 36" wheels (The radius
difference is only 0.017") therefore it is likely that a 33" will fit an
original 36" freight car and vice versa.

Does thePower
work with RaiPro?


Does thePower
work with DCC?


Does thePower
with an Analog Power Supply?


Does thePower
Pick-Up Truck
any maintenance?

YES. For
good operation you will need to clean it's wheels about as often as you clean
your locomotive wheels. The good news is, unlike a locomotive with 8 or 12
wheels, you will only need to clean 4 wheels on the Power Pick-Up Truck. Also,
you will need to lubricate the bushings once in a while. Please see
instructions for complete details.

Can you use two Power Pick-Up Trucks on the same freight car?

YES. One
Power Pick-Up truck should provided dependable connection to the track but you
can put one power Pick-Up Truck on each end of a freight car for the ultimate in
dependable track connection. You will need to parallel the wires together. You
can use a meter to be sure you connect the proper wires together.

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