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Deutz D30

Product number: 07821



Number of parts:96

Length:131 mm

Width:68 mm

Height:84 mm

Porsche Junior 108 easy-click-system

Deutz D30 - the classic tractor now as a model kit with easy-click system.

Boys and girls have always been fascinated by tractors. Today, however, they are unfortunately rarely seen. Most of them only know a classic model like the Deutz D30 from 1961 from old photos in grandma and grandpa's album. How great would it be to have exactly this classic at home to look at and play with at any time. The good news: That's no problem at all - with the Deutz D30 as a model kit with Easy-Click-System. The fun is pre-programmed!

The Deutz D30 - also ideal for beginners

If you have never assembled a model with numerous small, sometimes downright filigree individual parts, you may be afraid to tackle such a classic as the Deutz D30 tractor right away. But don't worry: This tractor miniature is perfect for "newbies" and beginners in the magical world of model kits.

Model building beginners from the age of 10 will have a sense of achievement with this fun craft right from the start thanks to the innovative Easy-Click system. The 96 precision-manufactured components are child's play to break out of their frames and then simply snap together. Even without glue, they are so sturdily connected that the Deutz D30 is not only a real eye-catcher on the shelf or windowsill, but can also be held in the hand without worry. For showing, looking, playing ...

True-to-the-original colors - without the need for brushes

If children are not yet quite so experienced in handling brushes and paints, something can always happen, even with the most careful handicrafts. A paint pot is accidentally knocked over and spills onto the new laminate floor, the paintbrush is carelessly discarded and leaves unsightly marks on the tabletop ...

With the Deutz D30 craft set, parents can leave their tinkering-enthusiastic little ones alone for a while with peace of mind.

But if you want to make a very personal unique piece out of your Deutz D30 - that's also possible! The assembly instructions include a recommendation for up to 5 colors with which the tractor can be styled into an individual highlight in the model collection.

Discover the world of model building now with the Deutz D30

For many, it is the most beautiful hobby in the world. Tinkering with models that are true to the original guarantees hours of fun for young and old alike and the feeling of having created something with one's own hands. Last but not least, it also awakens a healthy dose of pride when the finished model is clearly visible in all its glory on its place of honor on the shelf or sideboard. In addition, crafting promotes spatial thinking, concentration, dexterity and motor skills, as well as an understanding of technology, among other things, especially in children.

To facilitate the entry into this fantastic world, there is now the Deutz D30 tractor from Revell with Easy-Click-System and a Geling-Guarantee in 1:24 scale (total length 13.1 cm). Its highlights:

  • 96 easy-to-assemble individual parts (Easy-Click-System) for beginners and professionals in the original colors of the Deutz D30 from 1961.
  • stickers for decoration and fine sliding pictures for model building experts
  • detailed engine halves - so technology becomes tangible
  • movable engine hood just like the real thing
  • two rear wheel arch versions to exchange
  • movable wheels, so that the fun of playing is not neglected either

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