Revell Monogram 1/25 Custom Lowrider Cadillac

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Skill Level: 5
Scale: 1/25
Length: 9.00"
Width: 3.50"
Height: 2.125"
# Of Parts: 110

When you bring on the “Bling”, you need to do it in style.  What better way than with a Caddy.  In 1984, GM produced the last of the full-size Cadillacs.  With their classic body on frame construction, these late model Cadillacs make the best lowriders.  They are perfect for going way down low or way up high.  For power, this Cadillac® has the big 4.1 liter V-8 engine hooked up to a rear wheel drive.  This 80’s Cadillac® is not quite as big as the earlier versions, but is still very big for a car today.  This two door Coupe DeVille™ is especially popular with the lowriders.  There’s plenty of room for all the pumps and hydraulics needed to make the car dance lowrider style.  This Revell® Coupe DeVille™ has the popular later-model Brougham headlights along with lower body trim for a more classic look. 

Kit features:
• Bright gold plated spoked lowrider type wheels and your choice of stock or custom grilles.
• Custom moonroof and engraved vinyl top.
• Opening trunk with lowrider hydraulic pumps, batteries and stereo speakers.
• Molded in white and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tires.


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