Rapido Trains 116023 Budd Mid-Train Dome, Delaware & Hudson , HO

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Rapido Trains Inc. is delighted to announce that our eagerly awaited next run
of the mid-train dome now has the green light to proceed! Regular readers of
newsletter will
know about the problems that we had with the tooling for this model and this has
essentially meant that we had to completely remake this model from new. And now
it is finally happening!

REMEMBER our Budd Mid-Train Dome is perfect for your pocket streamliner. It
comes with coach seating on one side of the dome, with a lounge on the other

Up in the dome, of course, is where your passengers will get the absolute best
view of your layout with a full 360-degree view, unlike those so-called dome
cars you can ride on Amtrak today.

Our Budd passenger cars feature our own unique stainless steel finish. We
believe that the finish of our Budd passenger cars is the closest you will find
to the real thing. We spent months testing different methods, including painting
and plating, and comparing them to the real cars at our local passenger train
maintenance centre. The end result is a top-secret method that includes spraying
different specially-formulated finishes at specific temperatures to reach the
warm, stainless feel of our final product. Prepare to be impressed!

On a passenger car model of this caliber the detail should not stop at the
floor. Our
cars have complete underbody detail, including all of the air, steam and
electrical conduits. We have recreated this as accurately as possible in HO
scale. Nobody else has ever offered this amount of detail in a passenger car
model. Nobody.

Stainless Series
unparalleled HO scale Budd prototype passenger cars. There has never been a
ready-to-run model passenger car in any scale with this level of detail inside
and out. Ever.

Our HO Scale Model Features:

  • Fully decorated and assembled with factory-installed grab irons

  • Realistic stainless steel finish

  • Full underbody with air, steam and electrical lines

  • Fully detailed and decorated interiors

  • Window blinds at different heights for each car

  • Operating diaphragms with etched-metal end gates

  • Magnetic metal knuckle couplers at the correct height

  • Free-rolling trucks with metal wheelsets

  • Track-powered interior lighting including dome lights

  • 22″ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÝ Minimum radius (can be modified for 18″ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÝ minimum)

  • Numerous American and Canadian paint schemes

  • Several car numbers per paint scheme

  • Also available in unlettered stainless steel finish for your custom road

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