Rapido 521040 37'GARX MEAT REEFER URTX, N scale

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General American 37' Meat Refrigerator Car

Rapido is pleased to announce the General American 37 meat refrigerator car in
N scale!

The Rapido wood reefer is based on a design built between 1937 and 1941
by General American Transportation (GARX). Although built with a wooden sheathed
body and roof that made them look like a car from an earlier era, these GARX
cars were modern for their time. They were constructed on a steel under frame of
similar construction to boxcar under frames then in common use and featured AB
brakes, Equipco brake wheels and housings and Barber S-1 trucks. More than 940
cars were built to this configuration making it one of the most numerous meat
reefer designs, and they lasted in service into the 1970s. They would normally
be assigned to meat service only, running between meat packing houses and
regional dealers throughout North America, Including Canada.

Notable features of the General American meat reefer are wood body with
three hinge doors (utilizing the GARX triangular hinge design), a wood roof with
steel hatches and unique latches, side and end ladders, power handbrakes, and a
steel under frame with a tabbed side sill. All of these features are included on
the new Rapido model. Also found on the model is a FULL under frame with
complete brake equipment, all new trucks with brake shoes in line with the wheel
tread and new metal wheel sets. Micro trains couplers are fitted at the factory.

(If youre for more information on these cars we suggest Railway
Prototype Cyclopedia #14 by RP Cyc Publishing which has a wonderful article on
the history of the cars and many of the meat packers as well as numerous photos
of the prototype cars).

The General American 37 meat reefers are offered in up to twelve individual car
numbers per paint scheme. These will be available in four packs (four individual
cars shrink wrapped together and easily broken up for individual sale) as well
as individual cars. Note that individual cars will be one of the four total
available road numbers.

N Scale rapido Collector's Series Reefers
In addition to our standard releases, Rapido Trains Inc. is pleased to
announce the Rapido Meat Reefer Collector Packs. Solid blocks of meat reefers
were a common sight on North American rails for almost a half century. While the
most famous of these cars were proudly adorned with the names and logos of large
packing companies, a sizeable number of them bore the names of smaller packing
houses. Still others carried experimental or one off liveries from the larger

Each of the cars included in our Collector Packs has been chosen to be a
unique addition to your reefer fleet or decorated reefer collection and are sure
to be a conversation piece for both rail enthusiasts and collectors alike. Each
Collectors Edition Pack contains four cars, each in their individual jewel
case. These cars will not be released individually or in other four packs so the
only way to obtain them is in this Collectors Pack release.

Dont miss your opportunity to own each of these unique pieces of
railroad history and add to your collection of high quality refrigerated cars.
Reserve yours today!

N Scale GARX Meat Reefer Features:

Accurate tooling never offered before in N scale!
Prototypical ride height
Fully decorated and assembled with factory-installed Micro-Trains
Full underbody with separate brake rods and piping
Correct roof hatch and latch details
NEW Rapido Barber S1-A trucks with in-line brake shoes and blackened
metal wheel sets
9 Minimum radius

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