WalthersProto 920-11750 85' American Car & Foundry Pennsylvania-Style P85/P85b Coach -- Pennsylvania Railroad Standard w/Decals (Tuscan, black, dulux w/Keystone logo), HO

WalthersSKU: 920-11750


Home-built from kits supplied by major car builders to replace its aging fleet of heavyweight caoches dating from the early teens and 1920s, the Pennsylvania's P85-series coaches were designed especially for service on long distance trains including The General and others. Comfortable reclining seats, large restrooms and air conditioning made them a favorite with passengers on a budget, or who were only traveling part way. Fully assembled and ready for service, these models are based on cars as they appeared in later years after the side skirts were removed for easier access to the underbody equipment. Features of this WalthersProto replica include:

  • All-new tooling, first time in plastic!
  • One-time run of car numbers on factory-printed cars - order now, limited quantity available
  • Finished in the later scheme with large Keystone logos
  • Factory-installed grab irons
  • Prototypically accurate window tinting and gaskets
  • Superb detail inside and out
  • Modeler-installed extended drawbars for 22" radius curves included
  • Correct trucks
  • Correct 36" RP-25 metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct protoype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation.

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