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Continuing our tradition of highly detailed passenger cars, we are proud to announce the all-new Budd Slumbercoach in HO scale!

In the mid 1950s, passengers were quickly switching to airline travel or the private automobile. In response, the Budd company devised the Slumbercoach as an economical way to attract overnight passengers back to the rails. With a capacity of 40 passengers in a 24 single room plus 8 double room plan, the Slumbercoaches offered a lower cost alternative positioned between coach seating and a first class bedroom on overnight runs. A single aisle in the centre of the car was flanked by the single and double rooms on each side. With 18 cars built new between 1956 and 1959, these distinctive cars with their staggered windows could be seen on some of America’s most famous trains such as the North Coast Limited, Denver Zephyr, National Limited, Texas Eagle and many more.

As delivered, the 18 car Slumbercoach fleet comprised the following:

  • Baltimore & Ohio, 5 cars
  • Missouri Pacific, 1 car
  • Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy, 4 cars
  • Northern Pacific, 4 cars
  • New York Central, 4 cars

In 1964 the NP would take ownership of the B&O and MP cars and at least 2 cars ended up with BN lettering briefly in 1970-71. The entire fleet would end up with Amtrak in the 70s and 80s with all cars converted to head end power. Most lasted into the mid to late 90s when they were finally retired and replaced with more modern equipment such as the Superliner II and Viewliners. Most of the fleet still exists today in various states including in museum collections and in private ownership. One car, Loch Ness, has been restored by Webb Rail and is operated as a private car.


All new from the ground up, the Rapido Slumbercoach features:

  • Designed from original blueprints
  • Full Rapido level of underbody detail including separate pipes and conduits
  • Full multi-color interior detail including roomette doors
  • Track-powered interior lighting (operable on both DC and DCC)
  • Accurate GSC 41-NDO-11 trucks with disc brake detail
  • Etched-metal end gates
  • Sprung diaphragms
  • Rapido's renowned stainless-steel finish

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