Bowser Executive Line 100 Ton Hopper Car, CN #326133, HO

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Designed in 1960 by the N&W as the H-11 class which is an enlarged PRR H-39 70 ton hopper. In 1964, the size was increased to 12' 3" high, cubic feet increased to 3433 and weight capacity increased to 90-100 tons. Over 130,000 have been built. Three distinctive characteristics highlight this class of hopper: roping eye with integral end buffers; end slope sheets are at a steeper angle than the hopper sheets; 13 riveted side posts with the middle two panels wider than the rest. Other features include; Wine door locks and full height side ladder stiles. Pullman, Greenville Steel Car, and Trinity built similar cars. The cars were built by PRR, B&O, C&O, N&W and RDG. Bethlehem Steel and ACF supplied prefabricated kits to other railroads. The following used these hoppers: B&O, Blue Diamond Mining, BN, C&I, C&O, CONRAIL, CHESSIE SYSTEM (B&O), CHESSIE SYSTEM (C&O), CHESSIE SYSTEM (WM), CHESSIE SYSTEM (CSXT), CHESSIE SYSTEM (CSX), Dayton Power & Light, D&H, D&RGW, Island Creek Coal, Intsel Corp, ITEL, LEF & C, L&N, LRWN, MKT, Missouri Public Service, MSDR, NORFOLK SOUTHERN, N&W, NP, NS, P&LE, P&S, Potomic Electric Power Co, PENN CENTRAL, Penna Power & Light, PRR, PVAL, READING, ROCK ISLAND, SANTA FE, SEABOARD, SLSF (FRISCO), SOO, SOUTHERN PACIFIC, TWRY, UMP, UMPX, UNION PACIFIC, UPPER MARION AND PLYMOUTH and WESTERN MARYLAND.

Ready To Run, Roller Bearing Trucks with metal 36" wheels, interior & slope sheet braces and knuckle couplers.

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