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12-2509 SAL Centipede #4501, Citrus Scheme, Paragon3 Sound/DC/DCC, HO. ETA To Be Announced
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Baldwin produced the famous "Centipede" diesel
locomotives during 1945-48, and sold them to three railroads (SAL, NdM, and PRR).
The Centipedes were very large, 91 1/2 feet long, for single units as operated
on SAL and NdM, and 183 feet long for semi-permanently coupled pairs as operated
on the PRR. Each unit contained two 1500 horsepower diesel motors, so a
pair contained four motors and totaled 6000 horsepower. Centipedes were
heavy, totaling 1,200,000 pounds (1.2 million) for a pair, with more than
800,000 of those pounds carried by the 16 drivers. (Some content excerpted
from the WWW). These spectacular diesel locomotives are a MUST-HAVE for an
Pennsy diesel modeler as well as anyone who wants to showcase unique, premium
quality on his layout. Don't miss these limited run diesel gems.
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Broadway Limited Imports is proud to introduce
Paragon2: The new benchmark for premium HO sound-equipped locomotives. These DC
and DCC-Sound equipped locomotives feature the ALL-NEW Paragon2 sound and
control system. Each Paragon2 locomotive comes with BLI's own integral DCC
Decoder factory installed. Paragon2 locomotives offer Dual Mode DC and DCC
operation with: superb back EMF motor control in DC and DCC, recordable DCC
operation for automated playback, the same detail level as the original Paragon
Series, and the familiar sturdy maroon box!


  • Feature the ALL-NEW Paragon3 Sound & Control
  • Feature Integral DCC Decoder
    with Back EMF for Industry-Best Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC
  • Precision Drive Mechanism engineered for
    continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation
  • 5-Pole Can Motor with Skew Wound
  • PRR A-units are equipped with trainphone
    antennae. B-units are not.
  • Premium Caliber Painting with Authentic
    Paint Schemes
  • Prototypical Light Operation with Golden
    White LED Headlight
  • Operating Metal Knuckle Couplers
  • Factory Installed Engineer and Fireman
  • Near-Brass Caliber Detail at a Plastic Price
  • Minimum Radius: 22" or greater recommended

SOUND Features

  • Operates in DC & DCC (use DCMaster
    for DC Sound)
  • Auto Pilot (ATS) - Records and plays
    back sound and movement for automatic operation (Macro Operation)
  • 16-bit Sample Rate for exceptional
    high frequency sound clarity
  • Playback Whistle for multiple whistle
    lengths and patterns
  • Choice of 3 selectable Whistles /
  • Alternate Whistle / Horn where
    applicable for locomotive with air horn and steam whistle - both the main
    whistle and alternate can be easily played
  • Adjustable bell ringing interval for
    faster or slower bell
  • Numerous user-mappable functions with
    available keys
  • Passenger Station Ambient Sounds -
    Controlled with Function Key
  • Freight Yard Ambient Sounds -
    Controlled with Function Key
  • Lumber Yard Ambient Sounds -
    Controlled with Function Key
  • Farm Ambient Sounds - Controlled with
    Function Key
  • Crew Radio Communications -
    Controlled with Function Key
  • Maintenance Yard Ambient Sounds -
    Controlled with Function Key
  • Demo Mode for display and
  • Grade Crossing Automatic Signal
  • 8 Diesel Motor Revs (Diesel Only)
  • Simple Programming with Integral DCC
  • Automatic Forward / Reverse Signal -
    When activated, stopping triggers and stop whistle toot. When moving forward
    from a stopped position, toots twice. When moving in reverse. toots three
  • Engine sound intensity varies with load
  • Individually adjustable sound volumes
    for each effect
  • EZ Reset Button for quick return to
    factory default settings

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