MTH Electric Trains 45-1005 ScaleTraxT - 90* Crossing, O Scale

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ScaleTraxT by M.T.H. Electric Trains is the ultimate track system that detail-oriented 3-rail modelers have been looking for. No longer will an O Gauge modeler have to accept excessively tall or heavy-looking track, because ScaleTrax offers maximum accuracy and the exceptional quality of M.T.H. products. It's perfect for creating an authentic looking 3-rail layout.

It's not about the track. Railroading is about huge machinery that makes the ground shake when it goes by.

In model railroading, the track is just a stage setting that should make your trains look more real and more massive -- and no three-rail track does that better than ScaleTrax, the lowest-profile, best-running 3-rail O gauge track system.

Compare our track with 3-rail track systems from others and check out the advantages of ScaleTrax:

  • More Realism: Prototypically scaled, lower profile rail and ties make your locomotives and rolling stock look more massive on ScaleTrax.
  • Smaller Third Rail: The thinnest, lowest-profile center rail of any major track brand gives ScaleTrax a more realistic look without causing premature pick-up roller wear.
  • Better Electrical Contact: Concealed, large, spring-loaded contacts deliver more secure electrical connections between track sections.
  • Smoother Switches: Thanks to our ramped and beveled frog and lower profile rail, ScaleTrax offers the smoothest-rolling switches in O gauge.
  • Easier-To-Use Flex Track: Low-profile rail and ties make ScaleTrax flex easier to bend than other brands.
  • Lower Cost: ScaleTrax track and switches are more affordable than comparable products.

    Did You Know?

  • It takes EIGHT sections of O-31 ScaleTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes SIXTEEN sections of O-54 ScaleTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes SIXTEEN sections of O-72 ScaleTrax Curves To Make A Circle
  • It takes SIXTEEN sections of O-80 ScaleTrax Curves To Make A Circle
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