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The New Prodigy Elite takes DCC control and performance to a new level of
Offering a
massive 10+ amps of controlled power, the Pro-Elite will be a perfect fit for
large club layouts or for the modeler who demands the best.

  • Handheld with backlit display for voltage, amps and fast clock

  • Fast clock features adjustable ratios works in conjunction with the clock on
    the handheld

  • Light array delivers programming status, power consumption [overload], link
    and link speed

  • Operates up to 32 handhelds at one time

  • Access up to 28 accessory functions

    Manage turnout routing, run advanced or universal consists

  • Use two or four digit addressing

  • Sturdy aluminum cabinet with backlit display

  • Two front-mounted cab jacks

  • One rear-mounted jack for extra handhelds, extension plates, wireless receiver
    or PC interface

  • One rear-mounted jack for booster output

  • Cooling fan for added protection

  • Easily converts to wireless operation

  • Includes external 10 amp regulated power supply

Click here to read more about our DCC - Prodigy Systems.

Resources to Download:

1.) Prodigy
Advance Tips and Tricks

2.) DCC
- Prodigy Info - CV29 Table

3.) DCC
- Prodigy Info - Glossary

4.) DCC
- Prodigy Info - Running Locos

5.) DCC
- Prodigy Info - Troublehooting

6.) DCC
- Prodigy Info- Turnout

7.) DCC
- Prodigy Info- Voltage Drop

8.) Manual

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