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Kato Turntable:

Featuring a modular design that allows the easy addition and movement of up to 36 tracks, a sophisticated dual-motor driven indexing system that guarantees proper alilgnment, and an easy to use Turntable power sytem that takes full advantage of the power routing functions of Kato UNITRAK so that you can move and park locomotives onto parking tracks or into a roundhouse with minimal additional wiring. The Kato N Gauge Modular Turntable is perfect for modelers looking to add something special to both their tabletop and their scenic layouts.


Adding or moving tracks is as easy as removing a single screw - thanks to the Turntable's self-indexing design and modular layout, no additional wiring is necessary if you wish to change the setup or put in addiltional tracks.
12mm thick, a mere 5mm taller than standard Unitrak
Full 360 degree rotation takes approximately 1 minute with the secondary motor smoothly and slowly moving the tracks into position ... realistic and smooth appearance in motion.
Compatible with DCC power systems.
The 6.3" bridge can incorporate most standard length locos, even those as long as the EMD SD90/43MAC.
Watch for an all new Rouondhouse coming later.

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