Kalmbach Publishing Company 12488 The DCC Guide, Second Edition

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This comprehensive guide helps modelers get the most out of DCC with diagrams
and photos showing how DCC works, from wiring to installing decoders in
locomotives. This book presents an overview of the product lines available and
helps modelers select the right system for their plans.

Author: Don Fiehmann

Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4

Pages: 88

Color photos: 85

Illustrations: 35

Don Fiehmann has combined his knowledge of electronics with his interest in
model railroading and Digital Command Control in writing The DCC Guide, Second

Chapter 1: DCC evolution
Chapter 2: DCC components
Chapter 3: Basic DCC technology
Chapter 4: Basics of decoders
Chapter 5: Decoder programming
Chapter 6: How to choose a DCC system
Chapter 7: Wiring a layout for DCC
Chapter 8: Decoder installation
Chapter 9: Using LEDs and bulbs with DCC
Chapter 10: Installing speakers and sound decoders
Chapter 11: Operating with DCC
Chapter 12: DCC and today's technology

Glossary of DCC terms
DCC manufacturers and suppliers

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