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Build 1 of our 3 designs or build your own

Steel Sash Window Industrial Buildings gained popularity during the early 20th
Century. Larger windows provide energy-conserving light to the workplace while
multiple panes of glass supported by steel framework create an open feeling.

About Modular Designer Bulk Packs

Build exactly what you want! Each Designer Bulk Pack features a different
architectural style and includes plans for three specific buildings. Kits
include all the styrene plastic modular parts, roof, clear window materials
and complete instructions needed to finish any one of the three building
designs. The building plans, plus the painting and weathering tips, make it
fun and easy to create the building you need. Modelers can use additional wall
sections to expand the building designs provided in each Designer Bulk Pack.
Or use the Packs as an economical way to purchase modular parts for your own
designs. Save money over purchasing the same wall sections in separately. ThePlanning
in each Designer Bulk Pack makes it simple to design exactly what
you want by first building paper mock-ups.

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