DCC Specialties 246-TORTSENIOR Tortoise Buddy Turnout Motor Control Light & Terminal Plug-In Board -- Senior

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The Amazing Tortoise Buddy. So Simple and Functional, It's Brilliant!

  • Wires Directly to Track to Power Tortoise
  • Compatible with Any Type of Track Power, Compatible with DCC, not DCC
  • Screw Terminal Connections for LEDs and SPDT, DPDT Switches
  • Incorporates Acclaimed Auto Throw
  • It is the Simplest, Easiest, Fastest and Most Reliable Way to ...

... Get Your Tortoise into Action with Full Control and Lighting

Here are just a few of the many great options.

Tortoise Buddy

Direct Connect

Uses Tortoise connector.

Self Powered

Connects to track to power the Tortoise.

Auto Throw

Automatically sets points for an approaching train.

The Tortoise Buddy's Great Features

  • Direct wire connection or plug-in connection to Tortoise
  • "Self Power" input connection from track for all normal track voltages
    ranging from 7 to 28V; AC, DC, DCC
  • Incorporates onboard status LEDs indicating power in and normal or reverse
    position of switch track points
  • Screw terminal connections for additional panel mount LEDS or to control
    block signals
  • Direct wire connections for manual point control using DPDT, SPDT
    electronic switches or block detection type inputs
  • Provides exclusive Auto Throw feature that automatically positions switch
    track points when a train is approaching.
  • Incorporates additional output connections to another Tortoise

Tortoise Buddy Diagram

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