BLI 5547 USRA Heavy Mikado, L&N #1856, Paragon3 Sound/DC/DCC, HO

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For the first time in the Paragon3 series, BLI is bringing out the USRA
Light and Heavy 2-8-2 designs, commonly called Heavy Mikados and Light
Mikados. There were 233 original USRA Heavy 2-8-2's built plus another 957
copies, covering 23 railroads. It was an extremely successful design. The
USRA Heavy Mikados used pretty much the same running gear as the Light Mik's,
but the boilers were 10 inches larger in diameter and they had larger
cylinders as well. Tractive effort was about 10% higher for the heavy

As for the USRA Light Mikados, the USRA built 625 total, with 641 copies
built after the USRA ended control. With copies, over 50 railroads used the
USRA Light 2-8-2's.

BLI's models follow the original designs closely. Railroad specific
variations are not modeled on these locomotives. In most instances we offer
two locomotive numbers for each railroad, and we are offering a painted
model (black) with no lettering.

NOTICE: Due to
insufficient boiler diameter in the USRA Mikados, these units will not
have smoke units.


- NEW Paragon3 Sound & Operation
System FEATURING ROLLING THUNDER with Authentic Sounds and
Prototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments

- Factory Installed Engineer / Fireman Figures

- Locomotive Composition: ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis

- Tender Composition: ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis

- Couplers: (2) Operating Kadee or Compatible

- Compatible Tracks: Code 83 and 100 Rail

- Equipped with Traction Tires

- Minimum Operating Radius: 18 in or greater

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