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You can think of this as a trackside diorama, one for an industrial area, or one to be used in an urban scene... Complete with resin, metal & injection molded details... toss into the mix custom made dry-transfer lettering... and even a "Woodland Scenics" pick-up truck to help you complete the scene. ($20 retail price). The kit featured both a clapboard structure, as well as a laser-etched "brick" warehouse. Most windows/door components are laser-cut and designed just for this kit.

We knew we'd have to come up with some special... not something "goofy" or "over-fantasized"... but some unique and realistic enough to find its' way onto the finest layouts. The approach to this diorama is unique, it has a modest footprint, some cool architectural elements, more than a smattering of modeling challenges, and a not-so-high price tag! "Goldie" has all the detail of one of our larger super-kits, but with a more modest footprint.

Anyway if you like a challenge (this one took me about 10 days of evenings to construct) and are looking for something out of the ordinary this may be for you. As usual we don't include the figures truck is included in the price!

Hall & Duke - HO Scale


Mr. Hall is haulin his dog Duke around in his white pickup. 

Colors may vary from actual product.

About AutoScenes HO

Capture the classic designs and simple lifestyles of the 1940s and '50s. Each finely crafted, hand-painted automobile, figure and accessory adds color, interest and authenticity to any layout, diorama or project. True 1:87 HO scale models.



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