Bar Mills 954 Swanson's Lunch Stand, O Scale

Bar MillsSKU: BAR00000954


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This little kit is typical of not only lunch stands but of any small vending
operation,anything from watermelons to flowers and fresh produce are displayed
along roadsides all over the U.S. in this typical setting.

This little kit was based on an article by Sam Swanson. We pictured it as
something you'd see at the end of the line, possibly in a "Trolley Park"...
set-up some fruits & vegetables around it and you have a farm stand. The fact
is, these are almost as common today (especially in rural areas) as they were in
the 1920's. Our friend Bill Brown beath the heck out of his and placed it on a
busy street as a newspaper stand. Get the idea ?... it's the interpretive part
of modeling that makes it fun !

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