Atlas Model Railroad Co. 50002549 50' Precision Design Box Cars - Rib-Side Version, Rock Island (Brown/White) #36114, N Scale

AtlasSKU: ATL50002549


The development of shipping containers reached a turning point in the late 1970s
when standardization began to take place. Prior to this time numerous designs
and sizes of containers were seen throughout the world. The true intermodal era
began in the 1980s with the expanding world economy, Panama Canal ship size
restrictions, intermodal railway car (wagon) designs and the setting of ISO
standards for international shipping containers.

Todays commonly seen steel all-corrugated ISO containers still have some
variations, primarily the doors. The new Atlas model will be a standard-height
40-footer which will exhibit a range of door styles, roofs, and front walls to
more closely match the variations in the prototype containers seen throughout
the world.

  • Prototypically accurate beveled all corrugated sides
  • Each set comes as a 3-pack

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