Athearn Genesis G40662 GP38-2 w/DCC & Sound, L&N #4079, HO

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L&N Key Features:

#4079 and #4093

Frame mounted bell

#4125 and #4133

Bell mounted on the left side of the long hood

All L&N road numbers:

"Simplified" paint scheme with yellow nose

Front and rear MU hose catch boxes

Trainline hoses

Early coupler cut levers

Standard stepwells without pilot face corner notches

81" low nose with ratchet brake and nose headlight

Cab mounted dual Gyralight headlight with glare shields

Standard early 4-window cab with louvers and no roof seam

Riveted cab side with arm rest

Fore and aft wind deflectors

Sunshades with track

Nathan P3 air horn

Firecracker antenna

Intermediate inertial air intake grilles

Early extended range dynamic brake

2,600 gallon fuel tank

Blomberg-M trucks

Era: Early 1970s thru early 1980s

New roadnames

Phase Iaa: close radiator fan spacing; chickenwire grilles

MU hoses

Front and rear drop steps

Deck mount MU stand with single receptacle

Early battery box doors

Cab mounted dual sealed beam headlight with glare shield unless noted


Standard ribbed blower housing

Standard raised exhaust unless noted

Curved radiator fan grab iron

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