Athearn Genesis ATHG69761 ES44AC W/DCC & SOUND, UP/FLAG #5252, HO

AthearnSKU: ATHG69761


Road # 5252

UP was founded in 1862 as the eastern half of the Transcontinental Railroad .
UP was the first railroad to receive five test ES44ACs in early 2003 .

Two orders totaling 201 ES44ACs followed in 2005 . The third UP order was for
100 ES44ACs, numbers 5248 through 5347, and delivered between February and
August 2006 .

The models are from the third UP order . Orders in 2007, 2008 and 2009 bring
the UP total to 756 ES44ACs, with 127 additional units being delivered in 2012 .

UP bought the ES44ACs for general freight service, and they can be seen
systemwide on stack trains, grain trains, manifest trains,

Powder River Coal trains and more . They frequently run on CSX, NS, KCS and CP

Tall front plow Model Features:

Dual trainline hoses

Additional MU stand front and rear

Nose door window

Nose door grab iron

Low front headlight

Low number boards

3-window cab side windows

Desktop control stand

No sunshades

Sinclair antenna

Prime air filter

Air filter

Steerable trucks

Low rear sand filler

Rear high vertical headlights

Long hood end access door

Tall front plow

Bolt-on front sander door

Low front headlight

High number boards

3-window cab side windows

Modernized AAR control stand

Dual cab side blue flag brackets


Prime air filter

Air dryer

Electronic parking brake

Hi-adhesion trucks

Low rear sand filler

Rear high vertical headlight

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